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Increase your _____________

income per hour

with the Princeton Selling System

For the past two years, 95% of Princeton Loan Originators have had the best year of their career following the Princeton Selling System.

There are a lot of ways to generate mortgages.

But what is the best way? The most efficient way? The way that will generate the highest income per hour?

Princeton Selling documents forty years of research on the vital few activities that will increase your income per hour.

In the first six months I increased my production by 260% and now work with one of the top realtors in New Jersey. Fast forward three years and my production has grown 10X.


In my first 45 days I had built a real pipeline with real production, all from following a FLOW system.


From day one, Princeton has done everything they said they were going to do. The support I have to grow my business, how I want to grow my business is unmatched.


  • Mindset, skill set, and habits for success: "For things to change, first you must change." - Jim Rohn
  • Predictable results: The Princeton 9, a daily and weekly routine guaranteed to produce results. 
  • Industry-leading marketing machine: In order to keep getting referral business you have to stay in FLOW, we help you stay top-of-mind and become their LO of choice.

Mark Gordon

Chief Revenue Officer

"We've coupled our mindset, skill set, and habits program with the best marketing flow systems in the industry to help loan originators create more meaningful relationships with more referral partners and ultimately increase their income per hour ."

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Principles of Princeton Selling


It's all about _______


The best flow solves a problem and makes people feel good. You might think it is basic, it is. It works if you do it because most people don't.