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We close loans.

According to Ellie Mae Insights, we consistently close loans 60% faster than the industry average for refis and 30% faster than the industry average for purchases.  #Effortless

Turn times as of March 2023:

  • Initial Disclosures: 24 hours

  • Initial UW Purchases: 24 hours

  • Initial UW Locked Refinances: 24 hours

  • UW Conditions: 24 hours

Time to Close as of March 2023:

  • Purchases with appraisal: 21 days or less (and we never miss a purchase closing date)

  • Purchase without appraisal: 14 days or less

  • Refinance with appraisal: 27 days

  • Refinance without appraisal: 18 days

  • Contact us for updated times

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Our Competitive Advantage


How do you differentiate in a commoditized business? Quick answer, it's really hard.

The CEB surveyed 100 companies, 5,000 agents and 125,000 customers for a total of 3 million data points. They found customers who are surprised, delighted, and wowed are actually no more loyal than those customers whose expectations are simply met.


They did find one thing that creates more loyalty: reducing customer effort.

Therefore, we've designed, built, tested and delivered what customers want - an Effortless Mortgage. And the best part - it's working. 

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