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Maximum Exposure


We know that 70% of purchase borrowers find their lender through a referral from a realtor or from their sphere of influence. Our marketing machine makes sure that your referral partners see you everywhere and become their lender of choice.

The best part? It works - and you don't have to work it. We run it on your behalf.

13 in 30Asset 1.png

We send 13 touchpoints in 30 days, you increase your referral partner network by 30% in three months and double your purchase volume in eight months.

1. Collision

Initial Contact: Meet a potential referral partner at an open house, the grocery store, a Facebook group, etc.


2. Social Media Connection

On average, people spend 2 hours and 24 minutes a day on social media. Meet them where they are and build trust quickly.


3. Notecard

One of the best ways to show gratitude and make people feel special is by sending a handwritten notecard in the mail. It sounds basic it is. It works because most people don't do it.


4. Cookie

This is where it get's really sweet (pun intended). A cookie will be sent on your behalf to your referral partner's home. To say referral partners love it is an understatement.

"How cute is this? I love when people go the extra mile these days..." - Elizabeth

"Thank you for the treat that came in the mail today! I look forward to working with you and Princeton Mortgage soon." - Kathy

Nicole Gordon Cookie 2.png

5, 6, and 7. Postcards

Mail tends to be more effective than email – but is more expensive (good thing Princeton covers this cost). Direct mail is making a comeback, because there is less of it today than ten years ago. You are actually more differentiated with snail mail today. We find the best results with a combination of mail and email.

Rocky Postcard.png
Princeton Promise Postcard.png
Mortgage Misery Postcard.png

8, 9, 10, and 11. Email

Following the cookie and each postcard delivery an email will be sent on your behalf to your referral partners. We spend a ton of time writing these emails. Our goal is to make them as valuable (solve a problem or make them feel good) and customizable as possible.

Read some examples of our email content.


12. Social Media Retargeting

As soon as the first postcard hits their mailbox, referral partners will start receiving Facebook and Instagram Princeton Mortgage ads in their personal social feeds. They will start to see Princeton everywhere - mailbox, inbox, social feeds. It is hard for you not to be top of mind.

13. Phone Call

The most valuable touchpoint is a face-to-face interaction - your first touch point, the second most valuable touchpoint is a phone call. The final step is a phone call to ask for a meeting. 

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